Friday, 29 July 2011

Thought Id add a first of Owens pages too. His favourite song like most little ones was `Twinkle Twinkle`. I wish I had got a pic of him doing his `diamond in the sky` part, as it was so cute. He would make then diamond shape with his fingers and then peer through it LOL.
The memories- sigh- they are only little for a short time :(

This is the latest page for Owen. This actually happend last year. He was so excited to be bringing home these little fluffy chicks. We had such fun watching them, and the familiar sound of them chirping over the weekend was soon missed, once they returned to school.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I am the co ordinator of the EB card swap. This month the challenge was to make a diamond fold card and add some micro beads.
I am quite happy with my cards, but they never seem to turn out how I have envisaged LOL
Heres the card in folded position.
And in opened position.

All the completed cards. Could only lye them down in this photo.
I have used quite a few bits from Kaszazz in this workshop. All the stamps and card stock and most of the ribbon comes from Kaszazz.
Hope the swap girls like them :D


 Yep the boys are off to see this movie today.
We had a free ticket so couldnt go to see it until now. Barry is actually going to take them later this morning. I think I might get a couple of hours to myself, now what could I get up to ??????

Thought I might start this blog with an oldy and a newy. The first pic is the very first scrapbooking page I completed about 8 years ago, when Liam was born.
I cant believe its that long ago.
The second page is one I have just completed. I had to do a page of Liam and his `bible`. LOL He is such an obsessive boy!! He loves to read all the toy pamphlets and catatlogues that come to our mail box. We call them his `bibles` because he drags them around the house for weeks, just studying them.
This pic was taken when he was around 3 and obviously at Christmas time.
It was a perfect pic to show his obsession


Hello everyone,
Welcome to my very first blog! Im so excited to be able to share my events with everyone who comes to look at my blog.
Youll have to be patient with me though as Im still learning how to use it.
I am hoping that I will be able to share photos and stories of what my family and I have been getting up to, along with all my crafty pursuits.
I will also be updating alot of Kaszazz information, being that Im a consulatant.
Look forward to catching up with you all