Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekend away

We took one of our family weekend trips away this past weekend. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster.
The weather was really bad, wet, storms constently!!
That didnt stop the boys wanting to swim in the pool. It was a solar heated pool, but you wouldnt know it, as it was freezing. They didnt care they were in there whether it was raining or not! Crazy kids!
We decided to go to the local town for a treat at the bakery.
We had just ordered our cake and Owen, started complaining of pain in his side. Dad took him off to the loo, but returned with Owen doubled up in pain, and saying we needed to find a Dr.
Luckily we found a Dr and she decided that he probably just had constipation. She gave us some lovely enema medication!! we returned to our cabin and tried to administor the medication. He also was required to produce a wee sample. It was tested and found to contain protein.
Now we need to have further tests for that once we are home.
The rest of the weekend was a bit of a wash out. We had planned to go to a funpark with water slides but it just wasnt hot enough to go, so instead we went and picked up our new family member Bob.

Our new family addition :D

This is Bob. He is our brand new puppy. Isnt he cute?
He is only 3 months old and such a baby.
We know he has Border collie in him but we dont know what else he is crossed with.
This is our other Border collie cross corgi, Marley. He is now 12 years old and we got him from the same dog shelter we got Bob from. I guess you have realised why we named Bob, Bob LOL. It just seemed to fit.
We also have a Jack Russell, who is a very bad tempered girl. She really cant stand Bob and his puppy ways just yet.
We only brought Bob home yesterday and every time he walks past Bella, she growls at him, its become almost automatic! LOL
They WILL get used to each other.
Whatever, Bob is here to stay :D

Thursday, 3 November 2011

November workshops

Here the Kaszazz workshops the girls will be doing tomorrow night. Its the last workshop of the year :(. Everyone is too busy to make a workshop in December.
I love the stamps used in these workshops. I have a thing about little birdies and owls.:D
The photo in the scrapbooking page is a picture of my mum with 2 of her brothers, taken last year. Im not sure this is the right photo for this page as it doesnt really fit, but I like it anyway :D
I havent added any sentiments to the cards but I intend to.
:D Sal