Thursday, 27 September 2012

MG sleep over

MG sleep over, what were we thinking, or what was I thinking as it was my idea. We went to one of the mums house armed with doonas and pillows and had dinner together and then movies. It all sounds great doesnt it?
Well it was up to that bit, after that disastorous!!!! One child decided to scream most of the night, and there was lots of hopping out of bed and no sleeping going on, dont know why its called a sleep over!
We will not be doing that again!!!

Hastings show

Well Im on a roll, heres another one complete. The boys went to Hasting Show a few years ago with their Uncle. They went on rides I wouldnt have gone on so they had alot more fun than with boring ole mum LOL.

First Lost tooth

This photo was taken in Oct 2008. Yes I know it was 4 year ago. :S
I have been hanging on to it to find some specific paper for it but 4 years later still hadnt found it, so heres what I did with what I had. I love the colours of this. I used stamping and punches too on this one. Im trying to catch up with layouts. I have some incomplete ones to get done this hols too :S

Monday, 24 September 2012

Kids workshop

Heres the workshop for these school holidays.
The card is an alien template that the kids can cut out and stick on. The diorama is decorated with various ocean animals, that they cut and colour. Theres the ever popular glitter :S and shiny ocean color paper :D
Think we are gonna have fun

Saturday, 1 September 2012

`I dont care`

This is a pic of Liam when he was about 6 years old. He began getting major attitude then, and when he was told off about something, his reply was `I dont care` and he had this look on his face. LOL
It went on for quite a few months, when he thought of a new reply which was just as annoying and rude. Boys!!!
Anyway had to scrap that memory and that look.
Im desperately trying to get his latest album finished. I try to do an album for every 5 years, but in this one, there are far more memorable pics to scrap than before. These little people cram so much in their lives, its hard to keep up with the documentation.
The next page on the list is his first lost tooth!!! That happened when he was 6 too!
Good job theres hols coming up, I might be able to concentrate a bit more on Owen, but dont hold your breath.